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The Downsides of Carpeting

The Downsides of Carpeting

Many people prefer carpeting over either tile or natural wood flooring, whereas still others prefer the later. While carpeting can be a great option for some, it does have a few distinct downsides when compared with the options of tile or the ever-popular wood flooring. It’s always important to know the downsides of a product prior to purchase, so today we will look at what those are. If you decide you no longer want your carpeting, you can always opt for carpet removal Hawthorne NJ.


Everyone knows the benefits of carpeting. It is soft, comfortable, and keeps your feet warm on chilly winter days. But what about the downsides? These are not often talked about, so today we intend on enlightening you. Here are a few of the cons associated with carpeting:

·    It stains easily, and those stains are very hard to get out, which drastically effects the overall visual appeal of your home

·    It absorbs liquids, which can be hard to fully remove. This, in turn, promotes the growth of mold and mildew, as well as attracts bugs.

·    It is harder to effectively clean, which means it has the potential to look perpetually dirty.

·    If your home does end up with a bug problem – such as fleas, ants, etc. – carpeting harbors these pests and allows them to reproduce quicker. Flea eggs, for example, can hibernate in carpeting for years, and are very hard to successfully remove. 

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·    Carpeting can hold smells, unlike other options, including smells from pets or urine

While these downsides may not prove mind-changing to some homeowners, others may decide to reconsider their other options. If you already have carpet installed in your home and would like to replace it, investigate carpet removal services today to see what your options are.