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A Guide To Proper Pest Control

A Guide To Proper Pest Control

As the seasons change, it seems to provide unwanted critters with an open invitation to shack up in your home. As the winter gets colder, mice love to keep warm by borrowing into your walls, cabinets, or basement. As spring arrives, so do insects. Every seasonal change brings an unwanted guest into your home, so be sure that you are as well prepared as possible for these pests when the time comes. Here is a comprehensive guide to pest control in your home.

Rodents –

The very word has the potential to send a shiver down some people’s spines. Rodents are some of the most fickle and unpredictable common pests that you encounter. If you allow rodents to reside within your home for too long, they will stay there and multiply, quite literally, exponentially. This is understandable, as rodents can be hard to find if you aren’t exactly looking for them. Often it’s best to hire a mice removal Dallas service to ensure that you really rid your home of them for good. Aside from that, you can place mouse traps and sticky traps all along the walls around entry points to your home. Although cheese is the mouse stereotype, peanut butter actually works a lot better and won’t rot in an unattended corner in your basement.

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Ants –

When you have an ant problem, it can be so hard to find out exactly where they’re all coming from. The immensity of a full-blown ant colony is baffling. There is an effective and natural solution however. Mix borax and powdered sugar into a bowl, be sure that it is more sugar than borax so that the ants will be attracted to it. Not being able to tell the difference between poisonous borax and highly coveted sugar, they will bring the borax back into their colony and it will eventually poison the lot of them.