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What Happens When The Storm Is Over?

What Happens When The Storm Is Over?

Everyone talks about the preparations required to weather a bad storm, such as a hurricane. While the destruction left behind is often broadcasted over national news stations, not a lot is said about what is being done to repair those things. What happens when the storm is over, and you need help with your property?

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Trees & Other Debris

If you have trees which have fallen or been uprooted, you need professional emergency tree removal Raleigh. While it is fine to pick up small debris and fallen branches on your own, it is important to not attempt the removal of large limbs or uprooted trees on your own as this is a huge safety hazard. Allow professional emergency tree removal services to assist you.

Downed Power Lines

If you have downed power lines, avoid them at all costs. They may still be “live” or electrically charged. If they are, they can electrocute you, and the risk is even higher if there is any standing water nearby. When you notice a downed power line – or if you are without electricity – be sure to call your local utility department. They can send a professional out to assist, and ensure power is cut to the broken wire.

Standing Water/Flooding

If you have significant standing water or flooding near your home, it is best to avoid those areas at all costs. Standing water is polluted and can be hiding many hazardous items. They could also be deeper than original thought and pose the risk of death. If water has risen high enough to breach your home and you were evacuated, stay where you were evacuated to. If you are still in your home, call emergency management or your local police department to let someone know where you are. Do not attempt to drive, as you may end up getting stuck.