Now Would Be a Great Time to Learn How to Swim

Now Would Be a Great Time to Learn How to Swim

Whether young in years or an adult, it’s good to know how to swim, and more so given how close the summer season is approaching. Such a skill can come in handy, whether it’s for personal survival should the need arise, or for fun, and even for competitive reasons. Swimming can also be a great way to burn calories given how much energy the whole body needs to navigate itself in water.

It’s Not All That Complicated

Although children tend to learn faster than adults, the reality is that almost everyone can learn how to swim with the right motivation. Many swim instructors tailor their classes towards a student’s needs and limitations when under water. Immersing the head underwater can be a challenging experience for many, giving the sensation of perhaps drowning. However, with private swimming lessons and experienced instructors, barriers can be easily overcome.

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Learn the Different Types of Strokes

There is more than one way to get across from point A to point B in a body of water. Although the most popular first stroke one learns is the freestyle stroke, where one’s arms and feet are encouraged to act like a wheel and propeller at the same time, other strokes require more complex movements. Among these is the breaststroke where instructors can teach students how to properly use their arms in a forward manner, while raising and lowering the head repeatedly facing forward to get air in and out.

An Effective All-Body Workout

Unlike running or jogging, swimming requires full motion of the entire upper and lower body. The energy required is what results in maximum calorie burn. In addition to acting as a form of a cardio, the constant use of the arm, core, and legs can help in muscle toning, which is essential in helping the body give off its lean appearance.